[thechat] 2 simple US centric Q's

Jonathon Isaac Swiderski jswiders at members.evolt.org
Mon Jun 17 18:26:01 CDT 2002

The cows moooved Judah McAuley to say:
> Chris Evans wrote:
>> Men do not have maiden names.
> Except, of course, for me.

you're certainly not the only one.  I had a teacher in high school who'd
changed his name when he got married (*that* caused some trouble -- he had to
do State Police forms regarding the motive for the change. . .), as did an
uncle of mine (went from Paul Swiderski to Paul Mahoney.  I don't think anyone
blames him).

And it's not like every woman changes, either -- faced with a choice of
Zelditch or Swiderski, my mother kept her own name, as did her sister-in-law,
who stuck with Porod over Zelditch. . . (this is especially common among
professionals who get married relatively late, and would have to deal with
rebuilding a reputation along with everything else.)

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