[thechat] RIP goes titsup.com, as do my mail preferences

Olly gnarly at punkass.com
Tue Jun 18 10:33:00 CDT 2002

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Subject: Re: [thechat] RIP goes titsup.com, as do my mail preferences

> > Reminds me of some strange friends of mine, when we were watching Sprung
> Hey.. another Sprung fan! A friend of mine is big into his downhill biking
> and he showed me his copies of Sprung.

I'm not gnarly enough for proper downhill biking, but I like to fly down
singletrack at ludicrous speed, blurring the line between having fun and
being scared :-) I tend to psyche myself out of doing very steep stuff and
big drops though...

> You got your copy of the new one yet (6 isn't it?). And, have you tried
> that thing with the wheelbarrows?

Its 5. We went to the bike show last year and they had a poster up saying
"Sprung 5, coming soon", then they released it at this years bike show :-)

The wheelbarrow thing looks great fun, but alas I dont have a wheelbarrow.
My latest thing is singlespeeding. I broke my 27 speed bike and had to
rebuild my old bike from old bits, and someone suggested I make it
singlespeed. So I did, and its great fun :-)


Team Gnarly Bitches

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