[thechat] What language is this?

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> At 12:01 AM 6/19/2002, Plunkett, Matt wrote:
> >I'm guessing similar and arbitrator might not be the exact correct words.
> >More context might help us decipher it.
> That's all it says on the dude's site: http://cavedoni.com/blogorroico/
> I thought of mailing him and asking, but what if he's saying,
> "This guy's a
> dickhead"? (-:

For 'arbitrator', read 'referee'.  S Korea played Italy
in the World Cup this morning, and if the bizarre sight
of watching 300 Koreans walking down regent street, waving
flags and (hahaha) led by a Scottish bagpiper is anything
to go on, I'd have to bet that Italy got thrown out at
the hands of the hosts...

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