[thechat] Solve This Political Triangle

Sean G. ethanol at mathlab.sunysb.edu
Tue Jun 18 23:43:00 CDT 2002


Certainly it doesn't help that we have a very lopsided, irregular triangle.
The Saudis flying airplanes into buildings do not occupy the same vertex as
the Saudis who welcome the US troops and Western oil money.  And the Arabs
who welcome help from the West to keep Saddam contained are not the same
Arabs supporting Saddam.

There are similar divisions on the USA and Israel corners of the triangle as

I don't see any significant improvement in relations until all parties
involved can treat each other as equals.  (Generally recognizing someone's
right to exist goes a long way towards that 'treating each other as equals'


Sean G.

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Hello Everybody,
Mideast crisis is very popular among western countries. Although, it is
important for us also but tensions at our borders has produced some
problems for us which we cannot enjoy.
It seems there is a cycle running in Mideast
    new agreement>agreement broken
    new agreement>agreement broken
    new agreement>agreement broken
    -------------and so on-------------
In this situation we see three main political players; USA, Israel and
Arabs; obviously a Political Triangle.

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