[thechat] World Cup predictions... Going out on a limb :-)

Paul Cowan evolt at funkwit.com
Fri Jun 21 00:15:01 CDT 2002

Madhu boldly asked:
> Anyone else care to stick their neck out?

Right-o then.

England 2-1 Brazil a.e.t.

USA 2-2 Germany a.e.t., Germany win on penalties (well.. you did say stick
your neck out)

Senegal 2-0 Turkey

Spain 3-1 Korea

USA-Germany is an interesting one. If Germany win, I'm tipping them to take
home the cup; but I think they may well stumble here. I will back them

So if the above turn out, I'll go 2 better and give predictions all the way:

England 3-1 Senegal
Germany 2-0 Spain

Senegal 1-0 Spain for 3rd
Germany 3-2 England a.e.t. for the lot

If Germany lose, Spain will beat USA, but get thumped by England in the

But all this is based on England beating Brazil, which frankly I reckon is
WAY too close to call. This game today will be an absolute ball-tearer, mark
my words.


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