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> Hello Everybody,
> Some days ago, I posted a mail about Michael Jackson's song 2 Bad
> (Refugee Camp Remix). Nobody replied to that post. I don't know why.
> This post is the latest version of that post.
> Surf the web and listen to this:
> http://www.geocities.com/fishorse2000/2bad_rcr.mp3    (File Size: 467
> KB)
> This is the initial part of Michael Jackson's song 2 Bad (Refugee Camp
> Remix) which was questioned about in my last post. I can't understand
> lyrics in this part of song. Please listen and write down the words
> which are said by the unknown guy and Michael Jackson.
> I have searched Google, Lycos and many other sites for the complete
> lyrics of this song but never succeeded.

google search for

     lyrics "2 bad" "refugee camp remix"

returns this on the first hit

- http://www.mymjworld.com/music/lyrics/blood_8.html

there are other links from that same search.  HTH.  HAND.

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