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Hi Matt,
You have good thoughts. Keep it up!
Syed Zeeshan Haider.

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My replies have been ugly lately...I need to figure out a way to format them
in Outlook better.  Hrm, anyway, my response to this is below.

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> I think it starts to boil down to relevancy.  Indian military
> against Pakistani soldiers, while horrid and completely pointless
in this
> modern age, are not as relevant to me directly than, say, the
> divide between Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland,
> routinely spill over (although not as violently) into Central

We're on the internet.  It's a global forum, and there are several
people on thechat who are Easterners, not Westerners.  When 9/11 hit, there
were lots of folks in the US talking about it here, speculating about what
was going on...and no eastern thechat member started yelling at us that they
didn't care about something happening in our part of the world.

I realize btw, that the person I chose to reply to here may not be
the perpetrator of the crap against this SZH doOd.  I just picked this email
cause it was recent.  IMHO, there's a reason that killfiles exist.  You
don't like this guy, add a filter...but let's stop talking about whether his
world news is more or less relevant than the world cup games etc etc or
whether he should be kicked off the mailing list.  Last I read, anything is
relevant on thechat besides web development.

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