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Erika Meyer emeyer at
Tue Jun 25 20:05:02 CDT 2002

What?  You guys have to watch Friends on the other side of the earth?
I am so so sorry.

I watched some TV recently and I have to say, usually it just upsets
me.  Can our culture really be this shitty?

So... you guys also get "Elimi-date?"
damn, that is some fine cultural programming.

But we got good lots of good stuff here in the states.
For example: Eminem.

I'm serious!

Eminem controversy is silly (doesn't anyone recognize American
working-class cluelessness when they see it?  doesn't anyone know
what a 'fictional character' is?)  The hype around him is disgusting,
just like all MTV moneymakers.

But in spite of everything...
Eminem has got it going on!

He's a genius.

Ooh honey, you know I love it when you pull out your Slim Shady!
& everyone else is just jealous.

Trailer trash.  No one does it like America.
Wanna talk about Courtney Love?

I could go on for hours.


>Friends, bleh. :P


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