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rudy rudy937 at rogers.com
Wed Jun 26 14:01:00 CDT 2002

Generic Ethnic Joke

A person belonging to an ethnic group whose members are commonly
considered to have certain stereotypical mannerisms met another person
belonging to a different ethnic group with a different set of imputed
stereotypical mannerisms. The first person acted in a manner consistent with
the stereotypes associated with his ethnic group, and proceeded to make a
remark which might be considered to establish conclusively his membership in
that group, whereupon his companion proceeded to make a remark with a double
meaning, the first meaning of which could be interpreted to indicate his
agreement with his companion, but the other meaning of which serves to
corroborate his membership in his particular ethnic group. The first person
took offense at his remark, and reacted in a stereotypical way!

the above is the entire contents of

i *lurrrrve* my google Up button

the women/men thing is kinda funny, but i've seen it before
(heck, i've *lived* it a coupla times)


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