[thechat] What?? WHAT?????

Janet Green JGreen at desmoinesmetro.com
Wed Jun 26 14:30:01 CDT 2002

>>>BTW, got a URL, Janet?<<<

Only the one for my local tv station, www.theiowachannel.com - but it was an Associated Press story so I'm sure it's all over the place by now. Pick your favorite news site. I wasn't trying to be a troll, by the way - LOL - at least I don't think I was, if I understand what trolling is.

I hadn't realized before I read this that the phrase "under God" had only been inserted in 1954. Madhu, I see your point - it just astounds me that schoolkids have been reciting the pledge for all these years and suddenly it's an issue.  Of course, this will cost us a fortune when we go to remint all our official money, which clearly states, In God We Trust - and I'll now expect that we will soon be lobbying England to quit singing, "God Save the Queen." Ah well, I guess it's a sign of the nation trying to become more aware.

:) J.

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