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Cool! I want some.

Ever hear about the discoveries re: Stradivarius and how floating the lumber
down the coastline infused saltwater into the wood, augmenting the efforts
of the great luthiers of Cremona? No linkage at the moment; sorry.

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> Nope - I hadn't heard about that.
> I did read about a guy up north (Minnesota/Wisconsin area)
> who is "mining" Lake Superior looking for 'old growth' timber
> that was cut at the turn of the century ... the *much* denser
> grain pattern is supposed to have quite an impact on the sonics.
> Kewl!  Here's the article!


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Changing the subject entirely, ever hear about the guy who superfreezes
stuff 'cause when it thaws, it distributes something better at the atomic
level? Musicians have paid him to superfreeze their horns 'cause all the
action is much smoother afterwards. (Some 'bone player said it was the
biggest change he'd ever seen in any instrument he'd owned.)

But he didn't say much about freezing guitars. I wouldn't try it.

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