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--- "Plunkett, Matt" <MPlunkett at MSA.com> wrote:

> It's a national symbol that to some
> extent defines our idea
> of patriotism...and yet, it excludes all
> non-Christian religions through its text.

I'm missing how "under God" is an inherently and
exclusively Christian phrase. I think Jews believe in
God, as do Muslims. Maybe there are other religions
in the US the members of which believe in God.*
Granted, they have slight to enormous differences in
how they define God, but even Christian denominations
differ in that definition. So, Matt, how do you reach
your conclusion the the phrase "under God" "excludes
all non-Christian religions"?

BTW, I started thinking that the pledge was kinda
lame back in elementary school. Still do. Also, I
think it was a month after 9/11 when there was some
nationwide stand-out-in-the-parkinglot-holding-hands
for-a-moment-of-silence thing. Officially endorsed
at work. I didn't participate; I'm a very private
person and prefer to grieve in private. Plus that
hand-holding thing was wiggin' me out. I like to
"patriotize" in private as well. I didn't do 4 years
Uncle Sam's Canoe Club for the money!

Terry, who is apparently older than this version of
the pledge.

*  Warning: convoluted syntax!

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