[thechat] Fiercer beasts take a bite out of T. rex's reputation

dave mclean dave at members.evolt.org
Tue Jul 2 00:03:01 CDT 2002

On 2002.06.30 16:26, Martin Burns wrote:

> On Sunday, June 30, 2002, at 01:18  am, William Anderson wrote:
>>> They'd only go mental and eat you. Did Jurassic Park teach you
>>> nothing? :-)
>> Jurassic Park taught me not to trust little girls around any Silicon
>> Graphics kit, lest they randomly manage to hack the fuckers.
> Moreover, don't let your security guy run Irix 3d interfaces on Mac
> Quadra 700s with no power light on, and respond "bullshit" when he shows
> you 'live security camera' footage with Quicktime progress bars.
> For most of the movie, the "Thinking Machines supercomputers" have Mac
> System7 desktops, but I have strong memories of the reboot sequence
> being a DOS boot...
> And don't get me started on Independence Day.

Or 'Office Space'  So classically flip-flopping... pretty sure it was


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