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Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Tue Jul 2 09:13:01 CDT 2002

Hey Lach,

Who you calling a programmer?


Yeah - I've heard about the correlation between math and CS before ... in fact, I've probably said it before.

I think math trains folks to think logically, organize well, and dissect problems into important parts and unimportant parts.  All skills that I think translate very well to CS.

(One of those rare (?) wierdos who was asked to take the Putnam twice!)

[The Putnam is an *extremely* challenging math exam that selected college undergrads are invited to take here in the US.  Individual as well as college "team" scores are computed. It's held once a year. Oh, and if you think you are good at math --- it can be a pretty humbling experience.]

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From: Lachlan Cannon [mailto:luminosity at members.evolt.org]

How many of the programmers on this list are also good at maths? I ask
because I've seen people talk about a correlation before, and I'm strong
at both, and they seem to go so logically well together, yet I've seen
people talk about programmers who absolutely can't do maths and vice
verse. It makes me wonder, because so many aspects are the same.
Variables, going from one input to a certain output & rules for finding
things eg, functions, etc.

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