[thechat] maths /programming

K Frey kristenannfrey at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 2 10:53:02 CDT 2002

My degree is in Mathematics, and I am New York State certified to teach it
in Public High Schools.  Though I really did enjoy working out long proofs,
designing applications and databases is more "interesting".  I would have to
say that my math background is the largest contributer to my programming

I must say this though...  Some (not all) of the worst programmers I have
ever worked with had Computer Science degrees while some of the best
programmers I know have degrees in English, Business and even Anthropology

> How many of the programmers on this list are also good at maths? I ask
> because I've seen people talk about a correlation before, and I'm strong
> at both, and they seem to go so logically well together, yet I've seen
> people talk about programmers who absolutely can't do maths and vice
> verse. It makes me wonder, because so many aspects are the same.
> Variables, going from one input to a certain output & rules for finding
> things eg, functions, etc.
> Lach

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