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Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Tue Jul 2 10:55:01 CDT 2002

Hi Javier,

Sounds like fun to me!!   ;-)

I woulda liked to have sent you and Rudy (with a couple of baseball bats) after my IM folks yesterday.  I was working an exchange rate table into an application to 'dollarize' things.  Now I know you can organize an exchange rate table as a full matrix, or as an upper or lower triangle with or without the diagonal ... maybe even a full matrix with an excluded diagonal (although I think that's kinda silly) ... but these guys gave me a full matrix with a 'partial' diagonal - sometimes it had values, sometimes it didn't.  Aaaarrrggh!  That's just sloppy!

Ooops - that mighta been OT - Uh, anybody else hear about that amateur pole dancer that was injured showing off her talents after a party here in Houston recently?  (It was on the radio here this morning - she emailed the incident in herself.) Apparently there was some dew on the street lamp pole she was dancing naked with in the wee hours of the morning here ... nothing serious ... but she slipped and landed on her head.  Life flight was not called.

We're evolt!  We've got so much talent here we'll see your 'dream team' and raise ya two!

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it's like the way i see my interaction designs... user flows, we'd probably get to big stuff by working together ;-)

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