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Tue Jul 2 12:01:51 CDT 2002

"Luther, Ron" wrote:

> Hi Madhu,
> Pretty are good, I think.
> Actually, for a merger of this magnitude, I'd have to say things are moving pretty quickly and smoothly. {It would be silly to think there wouldn't be ANY hiccups.} The morale is great - very upbeat - I don't see that funereal mindset I've seen set in at other companies.
> My understanding is that our first post-merger meeting with Wallstreet went well.
> ... and there is certainly LOTS & LOTS of work to do!
> All US operations are in the middle of a 'company shutdown' this week.  [It's a fairly common thing in manufacturing industries here in the US so I wouldn't read anything abnormal into that in and of itself.] I'm here this week through tomorrow either because I'm important (<snicker /> - Yeah, Right!) ... or because I can't afford to burn the vacation time this week so my VP is willing to pretend I'm indispensible ... <fingers crossed />
> The link I see is about the 3 week furlough ... that was directed at contractors only - not any 'regular' employees like moi.  I would think taking a hard look at contractors would, again, be a fairly standard post-merger activity, so that shouldn't have been too much of a surprise to those folks - I would think it would be a normal part of that life - especially in Houston where we have so many oil company mergers.  It's slowing me down a bit since some of my IM support guys are contractors (from India of all places!).
> Looking forward to working in the NewCo!
> {Which is what we call it in-house to differentiate from 'classic' HP or CPQ.}
> RonL.
> (I know that wasn't very interesting or enlightening, but D00D!  I'm "T-restricted", man - I gotta watch what I say in public or I'll end up as a Jersey girl!)
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> From: Madhu Menon [mailto:webguru at vsnl.net]
> Let me hijack this thread. :p
> Hey Ron, how are things post-merger over at HPaq? I keep seeing things at
> www.f---edcompany.com (that URL actually works) about all kinds of s*it
> happening.
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