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Tue Jul 2 21:21:00 CDT 2002

Today, the cows mooved Erika Meyer to write:

> Eminem may not really be "trailer trash"  --- he's urban, isn't he?
> But he is a poor/working class kid that clawed his way up.

technically, yeah. . . according to RollingStone's rather aged biography[1], he
and his mum went back and forth between Kansas City[2] and Detroit[3], before settling
in Detroit's East Side[4] (not the best part of town (and yes, there is a best
part), but not the worst, either).  This is as opposed to Kid Rock, who really
is from the trailer parks of outer Metro Detroit (Romeo[5] specifically).[6]

(I was going to have one with both cities at once, but the MapQuest 'mapdata='
url is five lines long. . .)
[5] (the
northernmost couple miles of Detroit are visible at the very bottom)

jonathon isaac swiderski
who lives just over here[7] and used to work here[8] and who had a few friends
in high school who grew up in a trailer park. . . turned out a whole lot better
kids than kid rock or eminem . . .


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