[thechat] Intellectual Superiority Spam [Fwd: Fakes...]

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Wed Jul 3 07:03:00 CDT 2002

Hi Judah,

Dang - couldn't find the link ... but I'm sure I just saw something recently about someone who was accused of some crime who tried a mental illness defense ... when the prosecution found links to 'faking mental illness' sites in the history cache on their home machine!  Convicted! Cha-ching!

Clean out those caches folks!



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From: Judah McAuley [mailto:judah at wiredotter.com]

That made me think to myself: Hey! Someone should make a "what mental
health disorder am I?" quiz.  Then I remebered that its the Internet and
therefore someone has probably already done it.

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