[thechat] hometown rockstars (was: Re: Trailer Trash (was Re: [thechat] Eminem))

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Wed Jul 3 15:47:00 CDT 2002

>who lives just over here[7] and used to work here[8] and who had a few friends
>in high school who grew up in a trailer park. . . turned out a whole
>lot better kids than kid rock or eminem . . .

I just found this... (~140k)

I'm the girl in purple and shades...
(loved those photo-grey lenses... not!)

directly below me, Mike, the boy I had a crush on...
in high school he got all rockstarred out...

Mr. Bungle, Faith No More, Fontamas, Tomahawk...

He used to sit in the desk behind me and give me shit.
I'm just now getting turned on to his music.
& hey... I like it... hey Mikey!


PS: the kid directly above me, Danny... went from K to 12th grade
with me.  He lived across the road from me and was famous for:

- making farting noises with armpit
- eating an entire banana in one bite
- telling tremendous lies
- eating flies... his preferred method was to sandwich them between two candies
- once  (3rd or 4th grade) his mother accidentally gave him a "the
wrong" brownie in his lunch... he was stoned out of his mind by the
end of the day... telling the teachers "my mom must have packed the
wrong brownie..."

you'll all be comforted to know that Danny grew up to have a career
in the nuclear power industry.  I talked to him a bit when he
returned to work on decommissioning the old Humboldt Bay power plant.

oh the things that happen.



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