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rudy rudy937 at rogers.com
Fri Jul 5 00:25:00 CDT 2002

> "The sentence was ordered to shame the family after
> the girl's younger brother was seen walking unchaperoned
> with a girl from a higher-class tribe."

what do you all think, did it work?  was the family shamed?  and why the
sister?  gang-raping the brother would have served justice better -- but
perhaps that would not be in keeping with their culture

sarcasm intended

they are just backward, and i mean than in the nicest way

they are ignorant, and do not realize that barbarism has no future

> Source: AP via the National Post (CA)

national post is a canadian newspaper known for its right-wing views

you should see how steamed they are about our guy chretien (absolute
power corrupts absolutely, and chretien has tons of power... and they're

> [Personal and professional observation:  AP has
> astoundingly high standards of professional conduct.]

can you explain this?  i do not doubt it, i just don't understand

> swaddled in nomex...

i'll bite -- is that like duct tape?

> I find cultural intolerance offensive

me too

plus, i know exactly how you feel -- we have the french here in canada, and
they hate the english, even though most canadians aren't english, they are
hyphenated canadians of one sort or another, italian-canadian, or
german-canadian, or chinese-canadian, or irish-canadian, but only rarely

and all the french-canadians i've known have been pretty decent people,

many can speak english really well but the rest of the country can't speak
french worth shit (all the millions of my money you spent were wasted,
pierre --
i hated you for that and for a hundred other reasons, but i admired you
anyway, because margaret was hot and you were smarter than stanfield...)

you know how if somebody is lactose intolerant, you can give them something
special to overcome it?

racial intolerance can be cured, too

with lead -- two in the temple

boom! boom! out go the lights!

(bonus points to the person who can name the song or artist)


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