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Joel Canfield joel at spinhead.com
Fri Jul 5 01:41:00 CDT 2002

> boom! boom! out go the lights!
> (bonus points to the person who can name the song or artist)
> rudy

The Pat Travers Band made an attempt to cover "Out Go the Lights" in the
late 70s. I only remember 'cause they opened the last big show of the decade
in San Diego. Jack Murphy stadium was filled with maniacs (um, and me) to
see Pat Travers, UFO, Cheap Trick, and Blue Oyster Cult.

I'd ignored UFO up to that point, but they put on an astonishingly good live
show. Cheap Trick was just plain fun; you can listen to 'Live at Budokan'
and hear exactly what we heard, but watching Rick Nielsen frolicking on a
red plastic picnic table can't be experienced on vinyl.

And, although I don't recommend them for children, BOC put on one of the
best live shows I've ever seen anywhere. Following Cheap Trick, who were at
the height of their popularity, starting their set at midnight in a show
that had started at 4 p.m., they played like crazy for two solid hours. What
a show.

Yeah; Little Walter. But I can't find anything on Stan Lewis, who wrote it.
Anyone heard of him? I'm temporarily stumped.


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