[thechat] Advice needed for travelling from UK to US

Jon Haworth jhaworth at witanjardine.co.uk
Fri Jul 5 06:09:07 CDT 2002

Hi Andy,

> We've both looked at the US Embassy website, and Delta Airlines
> site, and they mention something about the 'VISA Waiver Program'
> and form I-94W. They do, however, seem to go out of their way to
> make it less clear than it should be.

I can't help with most of the questions, but I have signed a Visa Waiver to
enter the States before (I hold a .uk passport). When I signed mine, I
didn't have to go and get a visa - which otherwise I would have had to - but
I waived all my rights once inside the US, including the right to silence,
the right to sue for false arrest, etc etc...

If it's the same thing now as it was then, you can sidestep the visa
requirement if you don't mind not being counted as a person once you're
there ;-)

This was late 1990s, so things may have changed.


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