[thechat] Advice needed for travelling from UK to US

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+1 to all that, also assuming that he's not a known terrorist, war criminal
or other desirable. Make sure he doesn't stay on a farm with contact with
animals in the weeks before travelling too

I've never had a problem, even when I admitted that I'd stayed in a B&B in
County Durham 2 days before travelling at the height of Foot & Mouth. I
expected to be hosed down with disinfectant at the very least, but no -
waved right through.

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Assuming he's going for a holiday (or some
other non-work-related purpose), it goes like

1)  Do make sure to have a passport :-)

2)  They'll give you a green visa form either
    at checkin or on the plane

3)  Some incredibly brusque official stamps
    and staples it into your passport at the
    port of entry (man, those US immigration
    people are even nastier than ours)

4)  Oh, and they'll be even shittier if you
    don't have a return ticket.

If I was him, I'd buy the ticket and then phone
the airline if there's any other questions

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