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Ben Dyer ben_dyer at imaginuity.com
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At 05:06 PM 7/4/2002, you wrote:
>Today, the cows mooved Daniel Frey to write:
> > "With anywhere from 350 to 400 million speakers, many lists have Spanish
> > surpassing English, and by most standards, that is right. The official
> > language in just over 20 nations including Andorra, Belize, Colombia,
> > Cuba, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Spain, U.S., and Venezuela, Spanish
> > weighs in at numero cuatro."
> >
> > Wait, what?  Spanish is the official language of the U.S.?
>The US rather pointedly doesn't have official languages, but Spanish is the
>second-most widely spoken language in the US, and in certain states where
>it is
>particularly prevalent (Texas, Arizona, California especially, Chicago and New
>York City, too, I think), government documents and forms are required to
>be made
>available in Spanish.

Additionally, Texas appears to be the only state where it's web site has a
full Spanish version, which is something that CA, AZ and NM don't appear to



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