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At 09:59 AM 7/5/2002, you wrote:
> > Additionally, Texas appears to be the only state where it's
> > web site has a full Spanish version, which is something that
> > CA, AZ and NM don't appear to have.
> >
>I find that interesting. Obviously a large Spanish-speaking population,
>then, but when I lived in Texas (seven years in Fairfield, half-way between
>Dallas and Houston) I met one Spanish-speaking person during the whole time.
>I almost forgot my Spanish. Actually, we both did. My wife had lived with
>Spanish-speaking roomies for years before we got married, and spoke Spanish
>fluently, but I didn't know that. I spoke it fluently 'cause my dad managed
>two electronics assembly plants in Tijuana, and refused to be bothered with
>switching back to English during the week, so we spoke Spanish in the
>evenings if we wanted his attention.

Hey, I know Fairfield.  When I commuted to and fro Dallas to Texas A&M
(when I briefly tried the college thing), Fairfield is almost exactly where
I would finally lose Dallas radio reception. :)  It was also the last place
to really grab something to eat or gas up before Madisonville.  That's funny.

I guess I just run into more Latinos around here. (side note, I read
somewhere that "Hispanic" is supposed to be offensive, but I don't know
why, I've stuck with using the word "Latino" lately)  My local bank branch
is in a predominantly Latino neighborhood, I pass the gathered day laborers
(outside a Latino nightclub) when I go to the bank.  Most of my mechanics
are Latinos (it is helpful to understand a little of what they say :).  Of
course, in Dallas, we have two Spanish-speaking TV stations and a dozen
Spanish-speaking radio stations.

Muy interesante. :)


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