[thechat] Yahoo groups screwups

Joe Crawford jcrawford at avencom.com
Fri Jul 5 16:11:00 CDT 2002

Lachlan Cannon wrote:
> Madhu, I've also found Yahoo's support ro be absolute brain dead. Bakc
> when I used to chat there a whole lotta people could complain time and
> time again about certain idiot's behaviour, and not a thing would be done
> (despite the assurances that they were 'lloking into it').
> I've also had that Yahoo groups problem. It cleared up after a while.
> Maybe their system cahces stuff, or it just takes a while to go through
> some of it?

being a list owner of a yahoogroups list (websandiego), I can testify
that support is useless and almost nil.

inertia keeps the list there, but I intend to move it to mailman.

but ugh. thousands and thousands of posts to migrate.

comment: onelist had great support. when they turned into egroups the
support was still very good, but slightly slower. when they got by
yahoogroups all support got shunted through stupid web-based hoops. I
used to be able email support at egroups.com or support at onelist.com and get
replies in 12-48 hours.

no longer. and that makes the baby jesus cry.

er. i have nothing helpful to add.

	- joe <http://artlung.com/blog/>

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