Cultural intolerance (was RE: [thechat] Most spoken languages in the world)

Ron White ronwhite at
Sat Jul 6 21:09:00 CDT 2002

Intolerant?? Hardly, just curious as to why one group receives special
treatment when other's do not... Driver's license tests in Florida have to
be given in Spanish, when outside of Miami, there aren't ANY road signs in
Spanish. Why is it that Japanese, Chinese, French, German, etc. immigrants
have to learn English to get their licenses or vote if they become citizens,
but Spanish speakers do not? I am not intolerant of other races, just don't
want special treatment for one group of people. So you can stuff that
intolerant shite up your arse...

Ron White

And, in case it's not eminently obvious, I find cultural intolerance

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