[thechat] O, Canada, something something something something something.

Kath Kath at cyber-kat.com
Sun Jul 7 08:57:01 CDT 2002

At 08:21 PM 7/5/2002 -0400, Rudy wrote:
>"something something something something something" -- yeah, even most
>canadians don't know the words, not since those fecking liberals went and
>sanitized them ("our home and native land" apparently being too insensitive
>to immigrants)

Oh Canada, Our home and native land,
True patriot's love in all thy sons command,
With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
The true north strong and free,
 From far and wide, oh Canada we stand on guard for thee
God keep our land,
Glorious and free,
Oh Canada, we stand on guard for thee,
Oh Canada, we stand on guard for thee,

How's that for a non-Canadian <g>?

Comes from years of singing along at hockey games.  Got to respect the
country that gave us the world's greatest sport - eh? <vbg>

NJ hockey fan here mourning the loss of Petr Sykora to the Ducks.  First
Jason Arnott, now Sykora.  I think I'm going to have to hide Patrik Elias
in my trunk until the next trading deadline.  Lou, Lou - whatever are you

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