[thechat] O, Canada, something something something something something.

Jonathon Isaac Swiderski jswiders at cs.oberlin.edu
Sun Jul 7 11:34:00 CDT 2002

> Comes from years of singing along at hockey games.  Got to respect the
> country that gave us the world's greatest sport - eh? <vbg>

My mother used to say that Canada's the perfect country. . . How could any place
that worships hockey and doughnuts go wrong?

> NJ hockey fan here mourning the loss of Petr Sykora to the Ducks.  First
> Jason Arnott, now Sykora.  I think I'm going to have to hide Patrik Elias
> in my trunk until the next trading deadline.  Lou, Lou - whatever are you
> doing???

Heh.  CuJo for Hasek doesn't seem too bad a deal . . . Larionov was still
undecided last I heard, but it looks like everyone else important is coming back
to Detroit for next year. . . . . time for another repeat :-D

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