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Sean G. ethanol at mathlab.sunysb.edu
Sun Jul 7 14:23:01 CDT 2002


Sending Sykora to the Ducks is bad; letting the Rangers get Holik is

It may be necessary to stash players out-of-state for their own protection;
I'll volunteer my suburban Boston apartment.  If Stevens and Brodeur can
share the fold-out coach, I think there's room for Gomez between the fiancee
and myself in the bedroom.  I have a NordicTrack and yoga DVD for off-season
workouts.  =)

Sean G.

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NJ hockey fan here mourning the loss of Petr Sykora to the Ducks.  First
Jason Arnott, now Sykora.  I think I'm going to have to hide Patrik Elias
in my trunk until the next trading deadline.  Lou, Lou - whatever are you

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