[thechat] punishment (was: [ugh])

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Wed Jul 10 14:54:00 CDT 2002

from Martin's link:
>Joan, a loving mother, sincerely believed that spanking was a parental right
>and obligation needed to turn out an obedient child.  She felt
>spanking was "for the child's own good." She would notice him
>playing alone in the corner, not interested in playmates, and
>avoiding eye contact with her.  He had lost his previous sparkle.
>Outwardly he was a "good boy."  Inwardly, Spencer thought he was a
>bad boy.  He didn't feel right and he didn't act right.

This paragraph describes my entire childhood.  Withdrawn "good girl"
who felt inside like she was bad.  No self-esteem.  Yes, I was such a
good girl.

I was spanked (& hit/slapped/backhanded) frequently.  At 34 I am
*still* working thru the trauma... and the anger I feel at my parents
for doing this to me and the anger I feel at my extended family for
not protecting me.


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