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kristenannfrey at yahoo.com kristenannfrey at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 13 10:18:01 CDT 2002

From: "aardvark" <roselli at earthlink.net>

> three commercials filmed a year or two ago promoting buffalo... the
> theme of the commercials is "I am Buffalo-Niagara"...
> i was picked for the commercials, and i even got to say a line... i
> appear in all three, although in one of them, you have no idea its
> me, it's just my bum...
> shortly after they were released, friends of mine from around the US
> would email me and say things like they were drunk at a bar one
> night, and thought they saw me on tv...
> sadly, i *still* don't have the quicktime versions of the
> commercials...

A quick google search produces what looks to be a plan for the 2002 re-make:

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