[thechat] Testing IMAP setup - ignore

martin burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Sun Jul 14 17:50:01 CDT 2002

<tip-ish thingy>
If you set up IMAP on your OSX box and your server has myHomeDirectory as
your normal Mail.app folders, you have 2 choices for client setup for your
new IMAP account:
1. Only shows your Inbox - you'll need to do rules to transfer mail to
other dirs
2. Show all folders. But this will show Info.plist, table_of_contents and
mbox.SKindex files as well as the *real* mail in each directory (which is a
file called mbox).

This only matters of course if you care about access to your old mail via
IMAP... if you're starting afresh, it's not a bother

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