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martin burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Sun Jul 14 18:27:00 CDT 2002

At 00:15 15/07/2002, Martin Burns wrote:

>On Sunday, July 14, 2002, at 11:49  pm, martin burns wrote:
>><tip-ish thingy>
>>If you set up IMAP on your OSX box and your server has myHomeDirectory
>>your normal Mail.app folders, you have 2 choices for client setup for
>>new IMAP account:
>>1. Only shows your Inbox - you'll need to do rules to transfer mail to
>>other dirs
>>2. Show all folders. But this will show Info.plist, table_of_contents
>>mbox.SKindex files as well as the *real* mail in each directory (which
>>is a
>>file called mbox).
>>This only matters of course if you care about access to your old mail
>>IMAP... if you're starting afresh, it's not a bother
>Actually that doesn't matter for Mail.app on the local machine as you've
>still got the original mailboxen working nice and smoothly. The only new
>folder you need is the INBOX in your IMAP account. For clients accessing
>over the network, however (and if you're not doing this, why would you
>have IMAP?), you will still get all the extra cruft. At least with
>Eudora, it'll auto-open only folders when new mail arrives in them.

Ah, but if you have a client accessing the server over the network (as
opposed to your local Mail.app) and it's got filters/rules going, make sure
that any "Transfer to folder" type rules transfer the mail to another
folder on the server, not one local to the client. Otherwise that mail has
disappeared as far as your other clients can see.

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