[thechat] Hollywood Movies and Families

Syed Zeeshan Haider szh at softhome.net
Thu Jul 18 14:36:09 CDT 2002

Hello Everybody,
There is no doubt that the Hollywood creates some of the best movies of
the world. These movies have millions of fans around the world. I am
also one of them. If I list my favourite Hollywood movies here then the
mail will become painfully lengthy. Despite of all their fame, I find an
issue about those movies which is often discussed here.
(From this point, wherever I use the word "movies", I will mean
"Hollywood Movies")
Movies containing action, adventures, science fiction and comedy easily
get fame here in Pakistan. Even those people who cannot understand
English watch such movies with enthusiasm (I don't know if this word
describes my meanings or not). But we have a common concern about these
In fact, I wanted to discuss this concern or issue (whatever you like to
say) many days ago but I was among flames because of some political
debates (I like political debates without flames) and did not want to
burn my cool post in hot flames.

The Concern:
        The concern is kissing or some sexually erotic scenes. No
matter, what the theme is, almost each movie can contain some kissing
and sexually erotic scenes.

Kids here are often attracted by movies but such scenes oblige their
parents to keep their kids away from movies. Often children view the
edited and censored movies on TV. Many adults don't want to view such
movies with their female relatives (like Mother, Sisters, Aunts,
Cousins, Daughter etc.)and sometimes male relatives also (like Father,
Brothers, Sons etc.). They like censored movies with their families.
Pakistan Television often telecast movies but censors them without
affecting their story and theme.

My questions are:

Q1.    What do you think about kissing and sexually erotic scenes
(kissing means male-female kissing)?
Q 2.    Do you feel any embarrassment in viewing such scenes with your
Q 3.    What is the general trend about such scenes in the families of
your country?
Q 4.    Do you think that kids must not be allowed to watch such scenes?
Q 5.    Are such scenes essential for each movie even though they are
not directly related to the story or they are not as such needed in
accordence to theme of the movie?

Don't take question offensive or personal. They are just to learn about
your country's culture and share a concern. Please mention your country
before answering.

Thank you,

Syed Zeeshan Haider.


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