Thank you so very much (was RE: [thechat] Quick: list every hot b everage you can think of)

aardvark roselli at
Thu Jul 18 21:16:00 CDT 2002

> From: Martin Burns <martin at>
> I'm using Hebridean islands for my home network.

demons, in my case...  types or proper names...

this machine is Beelzebubba (tribute to Dead Milkmen)...

my laptop is Maxwell, which while it does break from the convention,
does at least try (for those familiar with Maxwell's Demon)... i did
that after discovering that naming is Lucipher had a negative impact
on people during meetings...

the old Compaq languishing under the vacuum is Nycaloth...

my old P133 was Beelzebubba, but that's always my current machine
name, so it got renamed to Baal-Rog...

at work, we went with scientist names, so Maxwell was back as the
option of choice for my machine...

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