[thechat] OMFG

Paul Cowan evolt at funkwit.com
Mon Jul 22 20:33:00 CDT 2002

William wrote:
> funny, I've had no end of fun with it - it's one of the best CD rippers
> come across - it even managed to rip my supposedly unrippable copy of the
> soundtrack for Star Wars Episode II.  And no, I don't let it make MP3's -
> rip to .wav and encode using another program called BladeEnc.

Ahh well. To each their own. Personally the crashes, the slow performance,
the bizarre interface, the poor support for later standards, the
continual nagging for subscriptions, etc. etc. just got to me.

I can only recommend Media Jukebox from www.jriver.com. Hands down
the absolute #1 best media program for Windows ever. And, if you want
a new feature or have a bug, you suggest it, and they release a new
build about 3 days later. Awesome.


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