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>The date was July 1st, 1946.   [Yeah - I had to look the date up.]

1.   "...When the Bomb exploded with it's bright flash. You could see
the Island and water as clear as day. But just for a second or two.
At the moment of the Bright flash, all I heard was cameras clicking
from the crew all around me. With the glasses off, I watched a big
fire ball roll up through the atomic cloud. The USS Barton was the
nearest ship to Bomb Able and we could see the shock wave (a strong
wind) as it came across the water. The shock wave caused me to hold
onto my cap and my shirt flapped so hard it almost pulled my shirt
tail out from under my pants belt. Then the wind passed and was no
more. The explosion sound wasn't very loud. Somewhat muffled. It
arrived about the same time as the Shock Wave. We watched that cloud
turn a soft pink then some small radio controlled airplanes flew
through the cloud.... I have had several medical problems all on my
left side and just got out of the Hospital after a Cancer

"The Evaluation of the Atomic Bomb as a Military Weapon"
30 June 1947



3. Instrumental data and the results of animal experimentation at
Bikini sustained the reports of Nagasaki and Hiroshima observers that
the effects of an atomic explosion upon living organisms may be
several fold:

(1) They may be burned by the flash heat of the bomb.

(2) They may suffer organic impairment by external radiation at the
instant of blast.

(3) They may suffer impairment by radiation after the blast from
contaminated surfaces or by the entrance into the body of fission
fragments and unfissioned material.

(4) They may be subjected to the air blast of the explosion and also
to the mechanical effects of falling and flying debris and to
secondary fires.

2.   July 1st, 1946
Brooklyn Dodgers 11, Philadelphia Phillies 6 at Ebbets Field
Pittsburgh Pirates 1, Chicago Cubs 0 at Wrigley Field
Cincinnati Reds 5, St. Louis Cardinals 4 at Sportsman's Park III
Cleveland Indians 6, St. Louis Browns 4 at Cleveland Stadium
Detroit Tigers 2, Chicago White Sox 0 at Tiger Stadium


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