Hijacked... Re: [thechat] Fighter plane's laser may blind civ ilians

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Wed Jul 31 08:35:00 CDT 2002

> From: Joel Canfield <joel at spinhead.com>
> I know the feeling. I pretty much avoid caffeine and sugar both, but
> once in a while I'll have a real thick cup of Gwen's blackest coffee
> with loads of milk and sugar. It's one of my few self-destructive
> habits.
> Have you ever *heard* your blood pressure rising?

no, but last night i had such a craving for greasy beef (i never crave
greasy food, but i've been working out like a strung out monotreme)
that i got two half-pound (not .23 kilo) bacon cheeseburgers from
the local stuffer shack (i had them hold the mayo)...

i felt my cholesterol jump 20 points...

i followed it up with a 2-liter (yes, the entire thing) of Dr. Pepper, a
bag of M&Ms, and a small package of Nutter Butters...

when i got home, i just started rolling through vienna fingers...

i should be dead...

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