corned beef or bacon? (was RE: Hijacked... Re: [thechat] Fighter plane's laser may blind civ ilians)

Joel Canfield joel at
Wed Jul 31 09:23:01 CDT 2002

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>    This one always puzzles me. Where did the corned beef come
> from? The Irish eat cabbage, potatoes ("spuds"), and *bacon*.

Help out a culturally deprived chap: how do you define 'bacon' ? In the US,
in case it's not universally known, bacon is thin strips of fatty pork cut
from the back (yes, 'back' is the root of the word 'bacon' from Old High
German; I knew an old, high, German once, but that's another story) and
generally fried 'til it's crisp. It's rarely the main part of a meal;
usually two or three pitiful little strips next to a huge pile of scrambled
eggs or something. Unless you're my son Brendan, who, for his middle school
graduation present, requested a footlong Subway BLT with triple bacon.

Canadian bacon is cut from the loin, and is lean, not fatty like US bacon.

Tell me about Irish bacon. And, since it wasn't completely clear, is corned
beef unknown in Ireland, or just not popular? Is that a US Irish thing, or
not Irish at all?

Guinness is still Irish, right? ;)


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