[thechat] Re: corned beef or bacon? (was RE: Hijacked... Re: [thechat] Fighter plane's laser may blind civ ilians)

Bob Davis bobd at members.evolt.org
Wed Jul 31 11:12:00 CDT 2002

At 4:58 PM +0100 7/31/02, John Handelaar wrote:
>Us western-Euros would insist that the meat
>is also smoked, otherwise it's just pork.

Or pancetta - which is salt cured, but not smoked. It's very good
wrapped around a pork roast with rosemary and garlic cloves
underneath it. Tie it, brown it and roast that pork!

><insert lame smoking joke here>

<forgot them all - quit smoking almost 8 months ago!>

<yeah, I gained about 8 pounds or so>

<I think my pizza is done now....I'm off to the kitchen>



bob davis
bob at bobdavis.org

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