[thechat] Bridge (was: SOL, which (was: something else))

Paul Cowan evolt at funkwit.com
Wed Jul 31 18:49:00 CDT 2002

rudy wrote:
> playing out the bridge column's small vulnerable slam that
> should really have been bid no higher than three notrump

Honestly... am I the only person who thinks that newspaper bridge
columns are, to the uninitiated, the most incomprehensible writing
produced in the Western World ? I mean, there's a guy who writes a bridge
column in the Saturday edition of the broadsheet down here [1], and
it's the biggest load of gibberish I've ever seen.

I mean it's "high bid queen" this and "left-handed overbid with
a trump three cabbage" that and "South saw West's encroaching low-
King and elected to nominate a purple monkey dishwasher" that.

I'm pretty sure the average layperson would have more luck say,
disassembling and reassembling a Honda Civic while blindfolded, than
they would understanding what the hell "bridge people" are on about.


[1] http://www.theage.com.au/

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