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Thu Aug 1 01:58:00 CDT 2002

On Thu, 1 Aug 2002 01:49:44 -0400 (EDT) Jonathon Isaac Swiderski
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> i have no idea what a
> Guinness toast is.

Imagine French toast, but made with Guinness instead of French.

Get one loaf of bread, 20 liters of Guinness, 37 eggs, a couple gallons of
milk, a tablespoon of dark rum and a pound of sugar. Mix all except bread in
large glass vat (so the cascade is visible, of course), and bring to a low
boil. Gently fold in pre-browned slices, one at a time. Allow cascade to
settle and Guinness to cool. Draw shamrock in the head with spatula. Bob for

P.S. Goes great with corned beef.

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