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Yeah, which he did by flaming the US on whatever was on his mind atm,
erroneously in many cases. :P  He offered very little actual evidence and
lots of vituperative thoughts.

Flame: Gov't tries to persuade postal workers to spy on people.
Reality: Justive Dep't tries to persuade postal workers to spy on people.
Post office won't have any of it and Congress won't have any of it,
including the Republican leader in the House.

Flame: First executive illegally sold shares...blah blah.
Reality: Maybe, he was never prosecuted.

Flame: Congressman's proposal to allow P2P DOS attacks from copyright
Reality: Um, yeah...a proposal.  It's not like it's a law yet, if it will be

So I guess his problem is that people in the US could possibly even THINK
about doing things he doesn't agree with.  Maybe we should all try to have
benevolent dictatorships.

I reread the article after your response, and yeah, the guy has some
interesting points.  Points that I disagree with, but interesting
nonetheless.  Unfortunately, he buried them beneath his flames, so he's
going to lose a lot of the readers who dismiss his writing after the first
few pages of crap.

Oh yeah...and Europe was not the birthplace of the Internet.

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>  That way the RIAA DOS attacks and so on wouldn't
> affect anyone else.  The article had a few interesting points, but on the
> whole, I think the guy was just flaming the US for whatever was on his
> atm.

No, I don't think so. His main argument was "You're not very good at
legislative regimes which take account of any other tradition (hey, even
your own sometimes), so why do you get to run this thing?"


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