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Shug Miller hugh.miller23 at ntlworld.com
Mon Aug 12 18:31:01 CDT 2002

Why Guinness on the Berrvolt though?

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> When we announced the UK beervolt the other week, we promised some fun
> announcements. Now that we're back on air after the server move, here they
> are for those who weren't there:
> 1) evolt.org.uk
> To ease the process of organising beervolts among the UK evolters, we've
> thrown together http://evolt.org.uk (in about an hour...)
> 2) bandwidth donation
> Because we've got spare bandwidth on the box which e.o.uk is living,
> we'd like to do our bit to support evolt and donate a wee bit to evolt
> for browser archive mirroring. We reckon 100GB a month should do it for
> the time being. More info at
> http://evolt.org.uk/article.php?story=20020805170212377
> 3) EUvolt
> The first couple of evolticons were in the US, and while a couple of
> people not from North Americay struggled over there, it was a bit of a
> pain. Also, the last one was March 2001. Rather than wait for the next one
> to be organised, and have it somewhere else several thousand miles away,
> we're delighted to announce EUvolt 2002, to be held in London, November
> 30th  - 5th December. There's a conference being held in London that week,
> for those who want a tax-deductible excuse. More info at
> http://evolt.org.uk/article.php?story=20020717135303363
> I think that'll do for one email - bring it on.
> Cheers
> The UK 'volters:
> Martin
> John
> Garrett
> Mike
> William
> ...in the first instance - that's a non-exclusive list.
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