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Joel Canfield joel at spinhead.com
Tue Aug 13 11:45:50 CDT 2002

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> others. I think he's better than just that. I want him on
> real radio stations, on real TV shows, MTV, all the things
> that the record companies might be able to provide him with.
> Is this possible?

Off the top of my head 'cause I'm rushing off to work, one of my favorite
music industry stories is how Leon Russell couldn't get signed, so he
started his own record company, Shelter. He did okay for himself.

Back in the 20s, Louis Armstrong's professional recordings sounded like
anyone else's from a technical perspective - sorta flat, on occasion even
atonal. But Jelly Roll Morton's stuff *still* sounds good, and he recorded
it in his own recording studio and acted pretty much as his own agent. I
know the music industry has changed just a little since then, but all along
there've been people who went their own way and were successful.

If you've got the talent and wherewithal to record digitally to your
computer, you can get a professionally made CD for about $1,500US per
thousand. Yeah, buck fifty each. Injection molded silk screened CDs with
offset press printed booklet in a jewel case.

Sell your first thousand and I'd call you a success. And at that price, you
can mail 'em to every radio station you'd ever wanna get played on.


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