[thechat] list etiquette

rudy rudy937 at rogers.com
Tue Aug 13 19:26:00 CDT 2002

william, the following may sound awfully crabby, so please just pretend
there's a nice smiley beside each remark, okay?

> Alternately, if it's privacy you're concerned about,
> don't use an email address for mailing lists that you
> don't want to be indexed by such email archives.

yeah, yeah

you're worse than my ex-wife


> Alternately, if it's spam you're concerned about...
> get some decent spam filterage installed

now it's *my* fault that you're going around giving out my number?


>>> echoing headers --
> ... which can be useful if, as I've encountered on
> other lists, posters routinely change the subject line
> and don't use a MUA which respects the usenetlike
> References: header, meaning threads are broken, and
> inline subject references can be useful to help piece
> back the conversation.

WTF are you spouting off about

this is <em>thechat</em> for crying out loud, we're not <em>supposed</em> to
need to piece a conversation back together, it's <em>all over the place on
purpose</em>, and one of the great entertainments of this list is see how
often a thread can get hijacked and how long we can go without changing a
subject line

in fact, as far as usenetlike references go, i'd be perfectly happy if
thechat's mailing list manager simply wiped *all* subject lines and replaced
them with "[thechat]: deal with it"

because i read them all, dontcha know

>> there is no need to reveal them in the posts themselves
> You're actually railing on a default setting of Outlook Express,
> something which cannot be modified without third-party software

that's a crap excuse

most other people do not leave the From: line visible <em>in the body</em>

i use OE too, so i know that it is you just hitting the Reply button and
then not trimming

yes, Tools > Options > Send > Include message in reply does place the From:
line into the body, but as a courtesy, you can <em>simply delete</em> it

> Incidentally, your rudy nine three seven at rogers dot com address
> you use for thechat shows up on a google search... the second is you
> mentioning your address inline with the message content.  Just FYI.


typical of me, eh?

actually, i am pleasantly surprised it's only two


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