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Tue Aug 13 20:58:00 CDT 2002

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Subject: [thechat] list etiquette

> william, the following may sound awfully crabby, so please just
> pretend
> there's a nice smiley beside each remark, okay?

can i ignore this request?  I have toothache, and am hence in pain, so I
reserve my right to be both grumpy and smileyless.  :)  Fuck!  well, one out
of two ain't bad.

> > Alternately, if it's privacy you're concerned about,
> > don't use an email address for mailing lists that you
> > don't want to be indexed by such email archives.
> yeah, yeah
> you're worse than my ex-wife
> [badump-bump]


seriously though, many people do that.  just a thought.  I don't, because I
eat spam for breakfast, well, spamassassin does, and if people want to send
me shite by email, then they are welcome to to a greater extent.  That's
just a comment, not a challenge.

> > Alternately, if it's spam you're concerned about...
> > get some decent spam filterage installed
> now it's *my* fault that you're going around giving out my number?
> puh-lease

dishing out yours or anyone elses phone number is slightly different from
dishing out (either intentionally or accidentally) someones email address.
It's hard to filter out phone calls without resorting to call screening via
CLID and/or answering machine (and to see the CLID while the phone's ringing
in this country costs cash - i dunno about anywhere else in the world).

i can get your phone number and email address from whois just as easily as i
could harvest your email address from your website.  really, what is the
issue here?

> > > > echoing headers --
> > ... which can be useful if, as I've encountered on
> > other lists, posters routinely change the subject line
> > and don't use a MUA which respects the usenetlike
> > References: header, meaning threads are broken, and
> > inline subject references can be useful to help piece
> > back the conversation.
> WTF are you spouting off about

*sigh* i KNOW i'm defeated when i'm told i'm spouting.  cue smiley.

> [snip]
> in fact, as far as usenetlike references go, i'd be perfectly happy if
> thechat's mailing list manager simply wiped *all* subject lines and
> replaced
> them with "[thechat]: deal with it"

feck it, let's just ditch the content too, cos at the end of the day, it's
all bullshit anyway :)

> > > there is no need to reveal them in the posts themselves
> >
> > You're actually railing on a default setting of Outlook Express,
> > something which cannot be modified without third-party software
> that's a crap excuse

Noooooo, it's not a crap excuse.  In fact, it's not even an excuse.  I was
pointing out you are/were/will-be/have-onnan-been getting upset about the
default setting of a very popular MUA.  Go on, get upset about top posting
too :)

> most other people do not leave the From: line visible <em>in the
> body</em>

But realistically, what difference does it make?  If it irritates you so
much, you'll have to post weekly to the list to remind people to do things
*your* way, just in case someone subscribes and doesn't know all about The
Rudy Way.

I'm not changing my mail configuration to suit one person (sorry), and I
*will* forget to manually remove things from the body of messages, so it's
pipermail mods - which I'm perfectly willing to look at - or it's
get-upset-at-neuro time, all day, every day.  I'm a man.  I can take it.

Or I can just not reply to your messages and wait for someone else to reply
so I can cascade reply off them :)

> i use OE too, so i know that it is you just hitting the Reply button
> and
> then not trimming
> yes, Tools > Options > Send > Include message in reply does place the
> From:
> line into the body, but as a courtesy, you can <em>simply delete</em> it

It's a manual effort, and as such I will eventually forget and you'll wah
wah wah at me about it again.  If anyone else feels as strongly about this
as rudy does, please feel free to wah wah wah at me, and i'll happily either
a) stop posting, b) unsubscribe, c) stick a chicken up a cat's butt or d)
fix pipermail to strip and/or munge email addresses from archived postings.
Or e) none of the above, if you believe

> > Incidentally, your rudy nine three seven at rogers dot com address
> > you use for thechat shows up on a google search... the second is you
> > mentioning your address inline with the message content.  Just FYI.
> touché

en garde!  wah haw hee haw!

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