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> and one of them (guitar player) played with his back to the audience
> the whole time...  yeah, okay, whatever...

Yeah, they used to do that a lot. And the 20min gigs where Jim would
just scream 'fuck' at the top of his voice over and over again until it
was time to go. Hehehe... them were the days.

Favourite J&MC story ever though has to be this one, from Select
magazine 1992 (full interview is at

Jim: "We did a TV show once and Pete Townshend was on it. And he had
Dave Gilmour from Pink Floyd in his band at the time. And he (William)
had a vintage Grestch Tennessean guitar that had this kind of horrible
coffee-table colour. A classic guitar, you know?"
William: "Cost about fifteen hundred quid."
Jim: "And Dave Gilmour walks past on the way to the soundcheck and sees
him sitting there with a pot of black paint, painting this wonderful
vintage Grestch guitar black. Ruining the guitar, y'know? And when he
sees what he's doing he goes like this (horrified look) and hurries
away. Probably to tell Pete. I wish I'd had a video camera. That was one
of the highlights of our career."

I love that story. Just the absolute disregard for anything and


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